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Bibiniba Tours was founded by two Pan-Africans who believe in connecting Africans and people of the  diaspora to the continent.  

Bibiniba (pronounced bee-bee-NEE-ba), which means “African child” in Twi, believes that Africa is the Motherland in which all people should seek, explore and value her worth. Bibiniba Tours is a tri service black-owned management company in Ghana with a registered in Maryland, USA.

We provide authentic and high quality services that aim to connect all people of African descent.  We have envisioned that the diaspora  from all across the globe can be unified through tourism, education and repatriation.  Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is a tree with no roots”.

At Bibiniba Tours one of our first priorities is to showcase the culturally rich traditions and deeply rooted history of West Africa. We are committed to offering a soulful and unforgettable experience with pride in various regions in Ghana and other West African countries. We offer tours for small groups, families, universities and individual/solo travelers and large group sizes up to 100 people. 

We design our tour packages to suit travelers of all types and age as we pay attention to time, safety, budget constraints and are flexible enough to incorporate last minute changes.  We guarantee to provide you the most ultimate West African Cultural, Coastal, Eco-Safari and Food tasting experience.

We believe that when you choose to travel with us, you will be equally moved by the unique and rich African cultural diversity. If it is your first (or even your second) trip to the continent, we highly recommend the use of a tour guide for an optimal African experience!

Endeavoring an unbiased commitment to making our clients experience  the best it can be, even if it requires walking an extra mile, we will take that march just because of you.   You are our most valued client and for your trust in choosing us among the many to take care of your adventure, we appreciate you!

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